This study is designed specifically to take you to that next level of purpose --- to reveal how God has designed you, and help see how that fits the intention for which you were created.

In these six lessons, Erik Rees unpacks for you the five elements of God’s blueprints for creating you. Each session includes tools that help bring clarity to your future goals and show you how to have the most fulfilling life possible – a life lived for God’s Purposes, by God’s design.

“God made you to make a difference --- and this study will help you unlock your special contribution. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure of personal discovery.”


Session One: Only You Can Be You

Session Two: Unwrapping My Spiritual Gifts

Session Three: Hearing My Heartbeat

Session Four: Discovering My Natural Abilities

Session Five: Recognizing My Personality

Session Six: Understanding My Experiences


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