At HPBC, humility is demonstrated by a commitment to approach one another with a willingness to be taught, not needing to put ourselves on display, being subject to one another, and not being easily offended in order to protect our ego.



At HPBC, Kingdom-mindedness means demonstrating an intense desire to live out God’s instructions and to display His image by giving of our time, talent, and treasure to expand the influence of the Gospel beyond ourselves, and by inviting all people to join us in this journey.

At HPBC living compassionately means fostering awareness of other’s needs, to the best of our abilities, helping those who are in need, forgiving those who have hurt us, and comforting those who are experiencing difficulty.

At HPBC, authenticity means the honest representation of oneself to others including needs and current level of well-being, the sincere nature of people interacting with and reaching out to one another, and interaction driven by a genuine desire to know, befriend, help, or fellowship with another rather than interaction driven by obligation, necessity or duty.

At HPBC, integrity means we will faithfully engage in deep honesty and follow through on what we say we will do, being principled in the planning and execution of ministry, being honorable in the way we treat one another and being ethical in all our relationships and dealings within our communities.


Heritage Park Baptist Church exists to help all people to know and grow in the faith, hope, and love found in Jesus.